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<h2>Uh, I can’t seem to purchase anything on this site?</h2>

Currently this site is just a gallery of products that can be purchased <a href="http://etsy.com/shop/malzpalz/" target="_new">here</a> on Etsy.
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<h2>How are your products made?</h2>
All Malz Palz products are designed and packaged in house.<br/><br/>
<strong>Greeting Cards</strong> are printed in house using a digital inkjet process. Our Cotton Fine art paper is American made and does not contain any acid or brightening agents. Specifications on paper type can be found <a href="http://static1.1.sqspcdn.com/static/f/310438/19936579/1345413688213/Entrada+Natural+300.pdf?token=cDKL0DLswyJUF%2FnJjeTAtRh6Nys%3D" target="_new">here</a>. Note: we recommend signing our cards with a gel pen or marker, not that other pens won't work, we just want you to get the best results pawsible.<br/>

<strong>Pins</strong> are manufactured by National Custom Insignia, INC.

<strong>Pillows</strong> are sent to <a href="http://spoonflower.com/" target="_new">Spoonflower</a>, located in Durham, NC, to be printed on Linen Cotton Canvas Ultra. When the fabric makes it back in house it’s hand cut, stitched, and stuffed. <br/><Br/>

Our products, excluding pins, are all American made. Each item has been assembled with ruv, by hand, in our Brooklyn pawfice. <br/><br/><br />

<h2>Can you draw my pet for me?</h2>
Currently Malz Palz is not open for pet portraiture orders. Keep checking back as capacity opens up frequently. Subscribe to our newsletter below and stay updated!<br/><br/><br />

<h2>I would love to learn more about your company</h2>
Head on over to our <a href="about">about us</a> page to learn more about who we are and how we got here.<br/><br/><br />

<h2>Where can I find your shipping and returns information?</h2>
Those details can be found on our <a href="http://etsy.com/shop/malzpalz/" target="_new">Etsy</a> page.<br/><br/><br />

<h2>My question wasn’t answered!</h2>
I’m so very sorry! Head over to our <a href="contact">contact</a> page and give us a bark!